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IMCC Journal of Science is a peer-reviewed, English-language journal published semi-annually by Iligan Medical Center College in the Philippines. It maintains complete editorial independence from its publisher. The journal welcomes original articles, reviews, short reports, case studies, methodologies, and perspectives from multidisciplinary teams worldwide.

The journal is open-access, promoting immediate access to research upon publication. It employs a double-blind peer-review process, ensuring impartiality and expertise in the evaluation. Manuscripts meeting specific criteria, including a maximum 11% similarity index in plagiarism detection, are accepted; otherwise, they are rejected. 

Articles published in this journal are indexed in the master journal list of DOAJ, Philippine E-Journals, and both Google and Google Scholar. Content is continually archived and preserved in Internet Archive.

Currently, the journal does not impose submission or publication fees.

Call for Papers

IMCC Journal of Science is now accepting high-quality article submissions for its June 2024 publication issue (Volume 4, Issue 1).  Please submit an e-copy of your manuscript through the “Submissions” menu of the website. 

Current Issue


Volume 3

December 2023

A recent perspective article by a group of researchers in the Philippines delves into the promising role of Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer (ChatGPT) in enriching health science education. They identify key factors enabling ChatGPT’s potential to empower future healthcare professionals. By leveraging its strengths, health science education can prepare a more skilled and compassionate workforce equipped to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. 

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