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Active Listening in the Diverse Roles of International School Leaders
Matthew R. Merritt 

Graduate School of Human Sciences, Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand

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When asked what skills are essential to becoming a successful international school leader, the answers tend to be broad concepts like integrity, experience, and vision. This review aims to highlight a leader’s ability to listen as a leadership skill that deserves a place on the list. Being a skilled listener is coveted by all school community members but is of particular importance in international schools where a variety of cultures, norms, and languages are interwoven. International school leaders are expected to foster relationships throughout a diverse community and honor each set of unique conditions, expectations, and motivations. This review article analyzes current findings in listening and leadership and provides a resource for leaders in these schools to harness the skill of active listening to enhance their communication skills.

Keywords: active listening; diverse leadership roles; international school leadership