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Analysis of Marketing Program Effectiveness: The Case of Iligan Medical Center College
Reynaldo Mancia

Iligan Medical Center College, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Philippines

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The first implementation of the K-12 curriculum in basic education in 2016 became a source of concern among private HEIs in the Philippines because of the possible enrollment drop. Therefore, private HEIs constantly innovate marketing practices to remain afloat and survive. This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of marketing programs conducted by Iligan Medical Center College (IMCC) before implementing the K-12 curriculum and propose action plans to improve the enrollment rates and retain prospective students at the school. Using a descriptive quantitative design, the study surveyed 201 new students and transferees of the school during the orientation period before the first semester of school year 2016-2017. Results revealed that majority of the students knew IMCC from friends, family members, alumni, former classmates, and batchmates. Despite enrolling in IMCC due to the high quality of education it offers, students reported several problems experienced and that might be experienced in the future such as inadequate school facilities and financial issues. They believed that the school could help them lessen these problems by continuously upgrading school services and providing tuition fee discounts and scholarships. Action plans were formulated to further improve the delivery of educational services to the students.

Keywords: education; enrollment; K-12 curriculum; marketing