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Transition to Limited Face-to-Face Classes during the
COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges Met and
Lessons Learned towards Implementing
Continuous Quality Improvement

Mark Alipio, Royce Torres


This exploratory sequential mixed methods research sought to determine how the school administrators, teachers, staff, and students of Iligan Medical Center College (IMCC) continuously implement quality improvement practices despite the challenges attributed to the transition to limited face-to-face classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the qualitative phase of the study, a total of 16 participants were selected through purposive sampling (four school administrators, four faculty members, four staff, and four students), reflective of a diversity of academic disciplines and departments. Themes generated in the qualitative phase were used as input for the creation of a quantitative instrument to explore the research problem further. In the quantitative phase, an online survey was conducted among 22 school administrators, 87 teachers, 24 staff members, and 458 students from September to October 2022 using the Google Form platform. Results indicate that IMCC continues to implement quality improvement practices during the transition to limited face-to-face classes, although quality planning involvement among teachers, staff, and students should be strengthened. The respondents faced challenges and gained lessons in the transition to limited face-to-face classes, primarily on management and oversight, institutional policies and protocols, and engineering controls. Regression analysis revealed that poor maintenance, cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection, inadequate supply of sanitation products, and poor screening or triage system have a negative effect on the overall quality improvement implementation among school administrators, faculty members, staff, and students. Recommendations highlighted the importance of these critical factors to implement quality standards despite the COVID-19 pandemic continuously.

Keywords: challenges; face-to-face classes; quality improvement; transition


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