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Mitigating Interventions on COVID-19 of National Power Corporation-Mindanao Generation in the
Protection of its Workforce

Belen Melecia Frances Kiunisala, Helen Tejero


This study examined how the National Power Corporation-Mindanao Generation protected its employees from COVID-19 while ensuring energy delivery. The Philippines faced pandemic risks in a period with no vaccines (June 2020 to May 2021). Despite precautions, ten workers got infected, with 81 suspected cases. Interventions covered prevention, detection, isolation, treatment, reintegration, and adapting to the new normal. Recommendations include strengthening collective efforts, enhancing epidemic preparedness, supporting technical innovation, fostering community resources like contact tracing and healthcare initiatives, bolstering workforce readiness, and promoting further research on COVID-19 and similar diseases.

Keywords: COVID-19; interventions; NPC; protection; workforce


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