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Competence of Student Radiographers on Exposure Factor Selection in Emergency and Trauma Imaging

Celdon Cain Pelias, Jule Carlo Dagatan, Muriel Chloe Daabay, Mark Alipio


This study investigated the competence of student radiographers in the selection of radiographic exposure factors in emergency and trauma imaging and explored potential influences of gender and age on this proficiency. Analyzing data from a survey, we found that student radiographers consistently demonstrate a high level of competence across key parameters, including kilovoltage-peak, milliamperage-second, source-to-image distance, and focal spot settings. The results revealed a uniformity of competence, as indicated by low standard deviations, underscoring the effectiveness of Radiologic Technology Education in preparing students for their roles in ensuring the quality and safety of medical imaging procedures. Independent t-tests and one-way ANOVA found no statistically significant differences in competence levels between male and female respondents or among various age groups. These findings suggest that sex and age do not significantly impact competence in radiographic exposure factor selection. Our recommendations include continuous monitoring of students’ radiographic skills, adapting teaching approaches to diverse learning styles, initiating longitudinal studies to track competence development, fostering diversity in the radiography field, and providing opportunities for ongoing professional development especially on the aspect of emergency and trauma imaging.

Keywords: emergency imaging; radiographic competence; Radiologic Technology education; trauma radiography


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