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On the Use of ChatGPT in Health Science Education: Opportunities and Obstacles

Mark Alipio, Grace Meroflor Lantajo, Joseph Dave Pregoner


This paper explores the role of Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer (ChatGPT) in health science education. First, we describe the impact of the AI-powered language model on learning and curriculum development by probing into its ability to create personalized learning, adaptive assessments, and simulation-based training. Second, we discuss how ChatGPT can help in Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) to enhance patient safety and minimize diagnostic errors. Third, the role of ChatGPT in patient communication and engagement is highlighted primarily in providing multilingual support and enhancing health literacy. Finally, we recognize several challenges and limitations on the use of ChatGPT and emphasized the need for a balanced approach that combines the strengths of AI-driven assistance with the expertise of human educators. By considering these factors, health science education stands poised to leverage ChatGPT’s full potential, ultimately preparing a more proficient and empathetic healthcare workforce for the challenges of tomorrow.

Keywords: ChatGPT; education; health science; obstacles; opportunities


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