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Assessment of the Watershed Condition in
Lugait, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Joan Arnaiz, Nezel Ann Bantayan, Ahasmarie Pasion, 
Joven Pedrera, Biverly Rodriguez


Current land-use practices in the Lugait watershed, Misamis Oriental, Philippines, play a significant role in the local economy, but they may also pose a threat to biodiversity and watershed health. This study aimed to evaluate the forest health in relation to the overall watershed condition of the said locality. Three representative sites (Barangay Kaluknayan, Upper Talacogon, and Poblacion) were chosen based on elevation. Floral assessment employed the Point-Center-Quarter-Method (PCQM). Fauna assessed included bats, birds, and hepetofauna. Soil sampling and analysis of chemical properties were conducted. Coconut (Cocos nucifera) dominated the watershed with an importance value of 199%. Fauna across sites were mostly common, adaptable species. Forested areas had medium organic matter, while agricultural lands (corn, pineapple) ranged from medium-low to low. Coconut plantations maintained medium organic matter. Both forest and agricultural lands had medium to high phosphorus content. Available potassium was sufficient in both areas. Land-use changes, particularly deforestation for cropland, led to decreased soil pH. The dominance of coconut plantations and conversion of forest to cropland highlight the need for diversified agricultural practices and sustainable management strategies. While fauna appear adaptable, biodiversity monitoring remains crucial. The declining soil pH warrants further investigation into potential long-term impacts on plant growth and water quality. This study emphasizes the importance of integrating ecological considerations into land-use planning to ensure long-term environmental and economic sustainability for the watershed and its communities.

Keywords: biodiversity; environment; Lugait; Misamis Oriental; watershed


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