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Assessment of Heavy Metal Accumulation in Mangroves of Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte, Philippines

Jilliane Rae Cabili, Maria Luisa Orbita


This study investigated heavy metal accumulation in the mangroves of Barangay Tacub, Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte, Philippines, situated within a protected area. Recent developments raise concerns about potential heavy metal pollution impacting the local ecosystem. Despite known threats, no prior studies assessed this in Lanao del Norte’s coastal areas. The transect-plot method was used to collect leaf and sediment samples for analysis using atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS). Environmental parameters like water temperature were measured on-site. Results revealed higher lead (Pb) concentrations in sediments compared to leaves. Cadmium (Cd) was undetectable in both leaves and sediments. Pb concentrations were highest in Transect 3, closest to the estuary. While statistically insignificant, overall, sediments exhibited higher metal concentrations than leaves. These findings suggest potential for Pb accumulation in the Kauswagan mangroves, particularly near the estuary. Further studies with a larger sample size are recommended to confirm these results and assess potential ecological risks. Understanding heavy metal accumulation in this critical ecosystem is crucial for informing future conservation and management strategies.

Keywords: environment; heavy metal; Kauswagan; Lanao del Norte; mangroves


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